Sunday, 2 December 2012

Champions League Possibilites

Here is the possibilities for who can go through from each Group in the Champions League.

Group A

Portugal Porto541092+713
France Paris Saint-Germain5401122+1012
Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv511359−44
Croatia Dinamo Zagreb5005013−130
 The only thing to be decided here is who will be top.
For Porto to top the Group:
  • They must draw or win against PSG
For PSG to win the Group:

  • They must beat Porto

Group B

Germany Schalke 04532095+411
England Arsenal531196+310
Greece Olympiacos520378−16
France Montpellier5014511−61
Again the only thing to be decided is who wins Group B
For Schalke to win Group:
  • They must win vs Montpellier or,
  • If they draw or lose Arsenal must win in Greece.
For Arsenal to top Group:
  • Must win in Greece and Schalke must not win in France.

Group C

Spain Málaga (Group Winners)5320103+711
Italy Milan522175+28
Russia Zenit St. Petersburg511359−34
Belgium Anderlecht511372−54
Only 3rd Place to be decided here:
For whatever team to stay third:
  • They must better each others result or,
  • If they both win :
  • Anderlecht must beat Malaga by at least two more goals than what Zenit have beat Milan by.
  • If they match each others result the Belgium's will go out.
  • If they both lose:
  • Anderlecht must lose to the Italians by two less goals than what Zenit have been beaten by.

Group D

Germany Borussia Dortmund (GW)5320105+511
Spain Real Madrid5221118+38
Netherlands Ajax5113712−54
England Manchester City5032710−33
Again only 3rd can be decided.
For Man City to be 3rd:
  • They must win and hope that Ajax don't
For Ajax to be third:
  • They must win or,
  • If they lose or draw must hope that Man City don't win.

Group E

Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk5311127+510
Italy Juventus5230114+79
England Chelsea5212109+17
Denmark Nordsjælland5014316−131
Two things are up for Grabs in this group which are:

1. Group Winners:
For Shakhtar to stay top they must:
  • Draw with or beat Juventus.
For Juventus to take top spot they must:
  • Beat Shakhtar Donestk
2. Group Runners-Up
For Juventus to stay second they must:
  • Draw or win in Ukraine or,
  • lose and hope that Chelsea don't win
For Chelsea to go second:
  • The Londoners must beat the Danes and hope that Juventus lose at the Dombass Arena.

Group F

Germany Bayern Munich5311116+510
Spain Valencia5311115+610
Belarus BATE Borisov5203811−36
France Lille5104412−83
The only thing to decide in Group F is who wiil win it.
For Bayern to top the group:

  • The men from Munich must win or, match Valencia's result
For Valencia to top the group:
  • They must win in France and hope that Bayern don't or,
  • If they draw the hope that Bayern lose to the Belorussians.

Group G

Spain Barcelona5401115+612
Portugal Benfica52125507
Scotland Celtic52127707
Russia Spartak Moscow5104612−63
Now the mst important group, Its a fight between Celtic and Benfica.
For Benfica to go through:
  • The Lisboners must beat Barcelona or,
  • If they draw they must hope that the Bhoys draw or lose at Parkhead with Spartak.
For Celtic to go through:
  • They must win and hope that Benfica don't or,
  • They must draw and hope Barca win.

Group H

England Manchester United540195+412
Turkey Galatasaray52125507
Romania CFR Cluj521287+17
Portugal Braga5104611−53
A dogfight between Galatasaray and Cluj.
For Cluj to go through:
  • They must win and hope that Galatasaray don't or,
  • They must draw at Old Trafford and hope that the men from Istanbul lose in Braga.
For the men from Turkey: 
  • They must win in Portugal or,
  • They must match whatever the men from Transylvania.

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