Thursday, 17 April 2014

How Much can a Scottish Team receive from the Champions and Europa League group stages?

Well, it is not as easy as it seems, first of all, we have to work out at what stage they start, what crowds they'll get, how far they'll get and how much they'll receive from the TV Market pool. Simple Enough? Then let's get started.

To see how much, I am going to use the examples of the Current Top Four in Scotland.


First of all, let's say that the Champions qualify for the Champions League,  In Prize Money, alone, they would receive £1.75m  for reaching the Play-offs, then another £7.2m for reaching the Group Stages, presuming they have a 5 points from their group and are bottom they would receive another £1.6m in performance money. 

The "Market Pool" for TV revenue in the UCL is £6.8m for Celtic. Celtic's Average Attendance for CL games in 2013-14 was 50,000, assuming they charged £25 a ticket, that give Celtic's Attendance money as £7.475m. That means the total would be £24.825m.


Let's say that the dons are 2nd and play three qualifying rounds to get to the groups. From the Groups they will take 4 points. In Prize Money they would receive £1.417m for reaching the group stage and will get an extra £250k for having 4 points. Assuming Aberdeen have an average of 15,000 to qualifiers and 18,000 to groups stage matches, the Dons would generate, presuming they charged £25 a head, £1.125m from the Qualifiers and £1.35m from the Group stages. With the TV market pool for Scottish Clubs at £1.1m Aberdeen would generate £5.242m.

Dundee United

The Tangerines are favourites to win this years Scottish Cup and this assumes that they do. In Prize Money United would receive £1.417m. United would have another £250k from the four points. Presuming United's Qualifier Average Attendance was 11,000 and Group Stage Average was 13,000, United would generate (charging £22 for Qual and £25 for GS) £726k for the Qualifiers and £975k for the Group Stages. With the TV pool being £1.1m, the men from Tannadice would generate £4.468m.


The Steelmen are most likely to finish 3rd and unlike their east coast counterparts they would have to play four qualifiers to reach the Group Stage. That would mean Motherwell would receive £1.516m in Prize Money. The Lanarkshire side would have another £250k in performance money. Assuming Motherwell have an Average Attendance of 8,000 for the Qualifiers and 10,000 for the Group Stage, the Steelmen would be charging the same prices as United, and therefore would receive £704k for the Qualifiers and £750k for the Group Stages. With the TV Money of £1.1m, Motherwell would receive £4.32m from the Europa League.
If you want to see more of this type of thing (or not), then please tell me what you think in the comments below. 

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