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Sports Games to buy

This post will preview the new Sports games coming out soon (i.e. next few months).


Fifa 14 is the 16th game in the EA sports "FIFA" series and this season sees the addition of Ultimate Team Legends, where you can accuire great players from different eras such as Pele, Gary Lineker and Freddie Ljungberg. FIFA will be avalible for PS2 (LAst edition on PS2), PS3, XBOX 360, PC, PSP, PS Vita, Nintedo Wii and 3DS. FIFA 14 will be avalible on NextGen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One. There is also new teams including 18 from Brazil's Serie A, Argentina's Primera Division, Chile's Nacional Petrobras and Colombia;s Liga Postobon as well as the Brazilian and Montronegan national team. There is also a limited edition were you get 24 FUT Premium Gold Packs, a steelback case, 3 brand new celebrations, Historic Kits, 5 Pro Boosts and an Adidas Bundle. Personally FIFA 14 is a bit repetative of previous editions but FUT Legends gives it something extra.
Release Date: EU
Price: £44.99, £59.99 - Game
Rating 8/10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

The other annually released football game is PES2014, who have the licence for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League so it will have teams involved. For the first time PES has an exclusive licence for the AFC Champions League , the Argentine Primera DivisiĆ³n, Chilean Primera DivisiĆ³n and Arabic commentary as well, by Rhaouf Khelif of Al Jazeera Sports. This year Konami have tried to improve the physics of the ball and using the new HAVOK physics engine and Motion Aniamation Stability Systems (MASS). PES will not be availble on NextGen Consoles, it will be released on PS2, PS3, XBOX 360, PC, Nintendo 3DS and PSP. I think it has improved on previous years but is not near FIFA as there is not enough licensed leagues. 
Release Date: EU 20th September, NA 24th September  Price: £39.99 Game   Rating: 7/10                                                           

F1 2013        

F1 2013 is the fifth F1 game devolped by Codemasters Birmingham. It will be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. For the first time in eight years there will be classic cars from the 70's, 80's and 90's as well as classic tracks like Imola*, Estroril*, Brands Hatch and Jerez. The Cars involved are:
  • 1976 Ferrari^ - Niki Laudi
  • 1980 Williams - Alan Jones & Alain Prost
  • 1986 Lotus - Mario Andretti & Emerson Fittipaldi
  • 1988 Ferrari - Gerhard Berger & Micheal Schumacher
  • 1988 Lotus - Satoru Nakajima & Mika Hakkienen
  • 1988 Williams - Nigel Mansell & Damon Hill
  • 1992 Ferrari* - Jean Alesi
  • 1992 Williams* - Nigel Mansell & David Coulthard
  • 1996 Ferrari*- Micheal Schumacher & Gerhard Berger
  • 1996 Williams* - Damon Hill & Jacques Villenueve
  • 1999 Ferrari* - Eddy Irvine & Jodey Scheckter
  • 1999 Williams* - Alain Prost
* Classic Edition Only ^Codemasters Racenet required
As well as Classic cars and track you will be able to race the 2013 F1 season with all 19 Tracks.Also the penalty system is not as annoying as F1 2012. I think this is the best F1 Game that Codemasters have made.

Release Date: 8th October 2013
Price(s): £40 (Normal Edition) £45 (Classic Edition) Game
Rating: 9/10
Please put what game you wiill buy in the comments section down below.

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